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Order Status

We are sorry, but our system indicates that your current payment method could not be processed.

Please contact your financial institution and TRY AGAIN or TRY A DIFFERENT PAYMENT METHOD.

We will reserve your items for you for the next few minutes and look forward to you receiving them soon.

* Some reasons why your payment may have been declined:

  • You typed a number wrong.
  • You chose an incorrect expiration date.
  • There is some kind of a fraud hold on the card.¬† This happens sometimes when the credit card company sees a transaction they don’t believe fits your normal buying pattern and they are worried that it might be fraud. Call your card company to resolve this issue.
  • There is some other type of problem with the credit card account. For example, a restriction placed on it by the credit card company that it may not be used outside your country, or insufficient funds available. ¬†Call your card company to resolve this issue.
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